Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is the Press Coverage.

Sooo this is my crappy P!ATD shot that I did a few weeks ago and never posted - for a few reasons...
- Ketchup doesn't make good blood unless it's diluted and reddened a bit more.
- Blood is runnier than ketchup.
- Blood doesn't have seasoning in it.
- I had to over texturize the photo to cover up the fact that ketchup SUCKS as fake blood.
- I'm not good enough with GIMP to 'shop in the blood.
- I suck.
- At life.

So yeah. Aside of that, it basically came out how I wanted. This picture doesn't go with the song as much as it goes with the title. I did it based off the title because I had no inspiration from the lyrics of any of the songs. least the POINT of the picture is very good... the execution just kind of sucked :[



That's all for now.
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- Shel

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