Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pretty Pink Shopping!

It's been a while since I posted a before and after!
I took some time off from my more extensively edited photos due to the fact that we had to put my dog down the other day. She was on her way to vet as I was editing my photo that day. I decided not to go along because that closure, that witnessing of the fact, is what really gets to me the most. Even so, it was awful... I'd had her since I was 3 years old.
She was like 16 years old and nothing was really wrong with her... it was just time. She'd get these rare-ish, occasional spells where she'd stand up and just fall back down and then she'd kind of go into a very mild seizure (just drooling and kind of delirious) - she had another one on Saturday where she sat up and she just fell back over and went into convulsions, then she just lay there for a while. She was pretty much back to normal by the time my dad and babylove took her to the vet and that made it even harder to say goodbye, but it was pretty inevitable at that point, so we just decided to do it.

Yeah...the weekend was tough. But I'm back and feeling a bit better :]
So! Here's today's before and after!



That picture took a while to do, purely because of making the bag pink. Colorizing it was easy, but touching up the edges was pain in the arse. Oh well. I do it all for the sake of photography that I'm going nowhere with. I wonder every day why I do it. I guess it's something to do so I can put off my school work =P

That's all for now guys.
See ya later!


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